Dementia Awareness Play: Over the Garden Fence

Presented by Haylo Theatre

Tue 22 May 2018

At the Winding Wheel

Starts 1pm.

‘Over the Garden Fence’ follows the story of Annabelle and her Gran Dolly. 

Annabelle and the audience are taken on a nostalgic journey through Gran’s life, sharing memories of happiness, sorrow and joy.  It is a fast paced, uplifting and comical exploration into family, life and relationships that promotes an awareness of dementia that is accessible to all.  The stories within the play are personal.

This play encourages conversation and engages audiences in the discussion of not only dementia, but the importance of the individual behind the diagnosis.  Professional’s, care workers and mental health care services, use this play as a tool to reinforce the message of person centered care.

‘Over the Garden Fence’ is a must-see performance for those working in health and social care settings: “Absolutely beautiful balance of humour and pain, giving a real insight into the issues that dementia brings into the lives of people living with dementia and those close to them. 

 “Everyone should see this, especially professionals, clinicians etc.”  Sarah Ward – Business Support Mental Health, NHS England. 

‘Over the Garden Fence’ is one hour long.  

Ticket Information

Free - pre-booking is essential.  

To book please contact Wendy Blunt, Health and Wellbeing Officer on 01246 345 344 or