Film: Entebbe (12A)

Show Dates, Times & Tickets

Fri 25 May 2018 to Mon 28 May 2018

At Pomegranate Theatre

Starts Various times..

Entebbe is based on the 1976 true story of four hijackers who took a plane hostage and forced it to land in Entebbe, Uganda, while they demanded the release of dozens of Palestinian terrorists. The ticking-clock thriller follows the hijackers and hostages as well as the political leaders trying to decide whether to negotiate or send an elite special forces unit on a dramatic rescue mission to free the hostages. Starring Rosamund Pike, Daniel Bruhl and Eddie Marsan. (106min) 

Ticket Information

£7.90, Concessions £5.90, Child £5.60

Friends save 50p per ticket.

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