Film: You, Me and Him (15)

Show Dates, Times & Tickets

Fri 29 June 2018 to Sat 30 June 2018

At Pomegranate Theatre

Starts Fri and Sat 2pm.

A determined career woman fights for her idea of the perfect family. Being a lesbian won’t stop her, neither will being 40, but when her wayward girlfriend falls pregnant after a drunken one-night stand, she may have pause for thought. That she herself is pregnant can only make matters more complicated. She has nine months to decide if family can really be this crowded. Starring Lucy Punch, Faye Marsay and David Tennant. (98min)

Ticket Information

£7.90, £5.90 concession, £5.60 child

Friends of Pomegranate: save 50p on all tickets, bookable by calling 01246 345 222

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