Our House

Presented by Chesterfield Studios

Show Dates, Times & Tickets

Tue 18 February 2020 to Thu 20 February 2020

At Pomegranate Theatre

Starts Eves 7.30pm.

The story, woven around the famous hits of the band Madness, follows Camden lad Joe Casey who on the night of his 16h birthday, makes a decision that will change his life. Joe breaks into a building development. Things get worse as the police turn up. Joe's life splits in two; the Good Joe who stays and gives himself up, and Bad Joe who runs from the police.  

We follow the two paths that Joe's life could take: one path means a criminal record while the other will lose him the girl that he loves. In two alternative lives, Joe deals with the consequences of that night. Whilst one Joe fights to keep Sarah, the other is marrying her in a glitzy Vegas wedding and, ultimately, while good Joe fights to save his house on Casey Street, Bad Joe is determined to demolish it. 

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Concessions £14.40

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