The Devil's Disciple

Presented by Chesterfield Theatre Company

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Thu 25 April 2019 to Sat 27 April 2019

At Pomegranate Theatre

In March 1949 the Chesterfield Playgoers Society’s ‘The Devil’s Disciple’ was one of the first plays to be performed at the new Chesterfield Civic Theatre.

70 years on we are now the Chesterfield Theatre Company and return once again to the Pomegranate Theatre with a new production of George Bernard Shaw’s timeless classic as part of the theatre’s 70th anniversary celebrations.

Richard Dudgeon is a social misfit and self-proclaimed ‘ Devil’s disciple’. Few people want to be associated with him, foremost among them Judith Anderson, the local minister’s wife. But then, as the British forces approach, determined to make examples of the rebels, he displays a strength of character that throws her values and world into chaos.

Set against the backdrop of the American revolution, ‘The Devil’s Disciple’ remains one of the classics of the theatre and helped to affirm Shaw’s reputation as a great playwright.

Be prepared to be both challenged and amused by themes and questions Shaw raises and explores as he explores and examines not so much people’s behaviour but their motivation for doing as they do.

They are thoughts and ideas that remain as strong and relevant to today’s world as when they were first written over 100 years ago.

The Chesterfield Theatre Company, as Chesterfield Playgoers Society have enjoyed a long had a special relationship with the Pomegranate Theatre. We were very much involved with its creation and look forward to continuing our links with this important part of the town’s history and future.

This is an amateur production.

Ticket Information

£18, Concessions £17

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